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Our Tree Services Company is located in Texas and offers tree removal services. The company is owned by Michael Mills who is a 3rd generation tree climber and started this business in 1990. Our company receives many new customers who want to have trees on their property taken down or trimmed. Many trees that we have removed have been replaced with new trees. This allows us to keep the cycle of new trees being planted every day.Tree trimming - tree removal

Our goal is to safely removed dead, dying or dangerous trees so that our customers can replace them with new ones for future generations. If you need tree removal, give us a call

There are no trees too big or too difficult for our company to remove. Not only do we take down trees but we also offer stump removal services. When we remove stumps we taken them down to at least six inches underground so you never have to worry about them again.

We also receive many new customers who need their trees trimmed. Trimming trees is a great way to keep them healthy. If you fail to keep your trees trimmed they can overgrow and weaken over time. Dead branches then become a hazard to people as well as structures. With the number of storms we receive, its important to keep up with the health of your trees, otherwise you’ll need to have them removed, which then cost more money. There is nothing you can do about a dead or dying tree. More information here

Always hire a well qualified tree expert, a company who knows what they are doing and who has been in business for many years. We tell our customers to look into the company they are looking to hire for their tree service needs. Look at their reviews and what other people have posted about them online. At MM Tree Services we aim for complete customer satisfaction on all jobs we perform. We wouldn’t be a 3rd generation company if our customers weren’t loyal to our business.

Since our Tree Services have been around for so many years, we have become one of the top choices for tree removal in the area. We offer free a free estimate and can meet you at your property to discuss our tree services. To get the most accurate estimate we need to actually see the tree and the surrounding area to make sure there are no other obstacles in the way.

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We are a 3rd generation business, this is what we do for a living.
Our company has over 26 years of experience, dating back to 1990.
Our company is licensed and insured for Georgia.
We offer free estimates and will meet you at your property.
Our experience and knowledge can help you make decisions you need to make.
At MM Tree Services, our customers love to see our vast knowledge and 26+ years of experience. Who wouldn’t want to hire a company that has been around for so many years? You could hire another company but make sure they have the knowledge and experience to get the job done safely and efficiently. This is what we excel at. The safety of our customers as well as our employees is our top priority with any job we begin.tree stump removal

We bring our best equipment to each job. This allows us to keep up to our high standards of safety but also allows us to get the job done without delays. With our equipment there are no jobs too big or too small, we can work on difficult trees!

What You Should Expect From MM Tree Services?
Our customers come first. We will answer any questions you may have before we start working.
Safety of the job site, of our customers and of our employees is top priority.
When you call us, we can schedule a time to come to your property to discuss your needs and to offer you a free estimate.
We will clean up all debris from the tree removal or trimming job.
Trees come in many shapes and sizes as well as many different areas, which offers additional obstacles. Our job is to make you feel comfortable with our tree removal processes and to answer all questions you may have.

So How Does Our Tree Removal Process Work?
When you give us a call, we will ask for your address and a good time to meet you at your property. This will allow us to get a better idea of the trees you want removed or trimmed, as well as other jobs you might have for us. Some of our customers want us to remove the stump while others wish for us to leave the stump. We can look up your address on Google Maps, but sometimes the pictures listed with Google are a few years old. We need updated information in order to get you the best service.

After we meet at your property and give you a written estimate, once you have agreed to our terms and signed our work order we will then set a time to start the job. Most of our tree removals take a few hours and can be completed in just one day. Depending on the size of your job we try to finish everything up that same

tree service - commercial or residential

 day. In order for us to get done in the one day, we need to start early in the morning, but this time will be set and confirmed by you.

Tree Removal

After we have completed our job of removing your tree and you are satisfied with our work, we will finish cleaning up the debris and will leave the job site. This is when our job is completed and will make sure you have no other questions. If you are happy with the work our company has done for you, we just ask that you leave us a review on one of the websites we have listed on the right side of this website.

At our Tree Services Company, we can take on any job you throw our way. Give us a call if you need tree removal services in your yard. Contact us now

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