Researchers have recently reported that Poliovirus can also kill cancer cells or at least stop the growth of the tumor. The research happened in Durham’s Duke University. The team that proved the findings was led by Dr. Matthias Gromeier, Neurosurgery professor and Prof. Smita Nair an immunologist from the department of surgery. The research shows that a modified polio virus helps the body to develop its own resources to kick off cancer. It is pretty revolutionary as the new form of the poliovirus has been under research in clinics since 2011. It has not shown any significant side effects for the patient.

The clinical trials recently got concluded with these fantastic findings. The new variant is known by the name recombinant oncolytic poliovirus. Researchers are still on their way to fully understand the functioning of revised poliovirus form. It cannot be circulated independently until the working methodology is proved. Once it gets fully confirmed it will be a huge gift to humanity as cancer is one of the top reasons for deaths today. The rationale was explained by the team leads as to improve the survival condition of the cancer patients. The new immune response of the patient due to this drug will help cure cancer to a great extent. In some cases, it might allow total recovery.

The new polio virus works by inhibiting re-growth of the tumor and attacking the current one. Scientists observed the effect of poliovirus on two kinds of cancer cells a triple negative breast cancer and melanoma. It showed that the polio virus works by attaching itself to the cancer cells. Since the cancer cells have CD155 protein, it tends to be receptive to the polio virus. In this way, the poliovirus starts attacking the cancer cell triggering the release of antigens from the tumor cells. The process is a lot more detail to understand. However, the concept does give us hopes for the future to treat cancer patients.

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Social media is the now the new language of youngsters. Going by the impact on health condition, Instagram tends to have the worst impact on the minds of young people. Especially the effects on the mental health of people using Instagram is reported to be devastating. Issues such as depression, anxiety, bullying, loneliness and body image consciousness are common. People tend to feel inferior or tend to feel superior to others and start bullying.One way or the other everybody is affected and majorly in a contrary manner. It increases the desire to be famous in the social space. This is even worse as what you see on social media, not everything is correct.

The pictures that we see on Instagram accounts might be a ten times edited picture of a person which makes him or her look much glamorous than they really are. It was reported by the Royal Society for Public Health study; heavy social media use is something to be really worried about. Users who spend a lot of time on Instagram developmental conditions that are not good for them. The mental health crisis is the term used to identify social media related issues especially Instagram. It’s not that Instagram doesn’t have tools to protect you from bullying or content that you don’t want to see but are they useful?

There are a lot of good ways in which any social media platform can be used. However, the temptation is to use it the wrong way most of the times. This is a fearful situation in which our younger generation is getting trapped. Girls and boys as young as 16 or 20 years are becoming a victim of social media anxiety. People go through depressive episodes without recognizing that they are actually depressed. Awareness programs and guidance from parents can be a significant a step to protect youngsters from social media anxiety.

Thoughts of Zika virus might not trouble you much now. An awareness class organized recently but the same saw only a few people coming up to attend the program. However, the news reports are strong that Texas border can face a Zika breakout. The headline was mostly kept till the breakout in South Florida last year; this virus also affected many in the Rip Grande Valley. It is a mosquito-borne virus hence the infection spreads really quick. As the mosquito season is back again, there is a fear of Zika breakout once again. In the valley area, many live in poor condition.

A neighborhood that lacks air conditioning or even windows for that matter will have similar issues.These kinds of settlements reduce the effectiveness of spraying anti-mosquito sprays. There are families who do not have enough money to get rid of the garbage in front of their house. The condition is pretty bad there a lot of families are hence exposed to the risk of Zika. They get transmitted through mosquito bites. Neighborhoods, where the people live near the garbage mosquitoes, are very common. The lack of proper drainage system is also vastly supported by mosquitoes coming up.

Previously the valley reportedly had many dengue cases. This even strengthens the risk of Zika virus spreading through mosquitoes. The specialists say that these poor people are therefore at the maximum chance of getting affected by Zika virus. Once they get affected the treatment is not going to help them much. The worst part is, people are not acutely aware of the Zika Virus. How it spreads, what are the symptoms, etc.. Hence, they are unable to avail any treatments in time. This leads to the worsening of the health condition of the affected person. Government bodies must take some prior action to protect the lives of so many people living in the valley.