Social media is the now the new language of youngsters. Going by the impact on health condition, Instagram tends to have the worst impact on the minds of young people. Especially the effects on the mental health of people using Instagram is reported to be devastating. Issues such as depression, anxiety, bullying, loneliness and body image consciousness are common. People tend to feel inferior or tend to feel superior to others and start bullying.One way or the other everybody is affected and majorly in a contrary manner. It increases the desire to be famous in the social space. This is even worse as what you see on social media, not everything is correct.

The pictures that we see on Instagram accounts might be a ten times edited picture of a person which makes him or her look much glamorous than they really are. It was reported by the Royal Society for Public Health study; heavy social media use is something to be really worried about. Users who spend a lot of time on Instagram developmental conditions that are not good for them. The mental health crisis is the term used to identify social media related issues especially Instagram. It’s not that Instagram doesn’t have tools to protect you from bullying or content that you don’t want to see but are they useful?

There are a lot of good ways in which any social media platform can be used. However, the temptation is to use it the wrong way most of the times. This is a fearful situation in which our younger generation is getting trapped. Girls and boys as young as 16 or 20 years are becoming a victim of social media anxiety. People go through depressive episodes without recognizing that they are actually depressed. Awareness programs and guidance from parents can be a significant a step to protect youngsters from social media anxiety.