The war in Syria marks its seventh year in a row. The suffering sees no end and the UNHCR has warned that Syria is at a crossroads now. There are only hopes in people’s’ hearts about peace in the future. However, we can only see suffering increasing every day of millions and millions of Syrians. It is a shame for the world altogether. It is not just one nation that is under war. The humankind is under threat with all this prevailing condition. We have hit the tragic milestone of seven years of continuous war in Syria. The suffering of people is intense than what all of us could even imagine.

The country needs humanitarian aids for 13.5 million people. Majority people from Syria especially women have taken refuge in the neighboring states. There is a strain on everything from political fallout to economic and social fallout. Civilians get killed every day; families are getting separated, businesses and houses destroyed in the blink of an eye. It is a collective failure that no single person can account for. On the one hand, where there is an increase in the vulnerability, there is a decrease in the funding. Funding from various countries and humanitarian bodies is falling far shorter than what is needed.

To maintain an adequate supply we all need to respond to their enormous needs. Yes, the funding won’t end the suffering, but it is the only one thing we can do to stop the misery and sufferings to some extent. The resources available at the moment are not enough to meet the challenges of the people. There are child and women refugees who can be found in the neighboring states cluttered at places. What is the future nobody knows, but the aid can definitely give them the power to sustain with a little hope!