American President reacted to the attacks in New York in a very politicized manner without concentrating on the real cause of the issue. He took the discussion to an entirely unexpected note shifting the blame on Chuck Schumer. Trump blamed him for sponsoring a considerable diversity of immigrant via the visa program through which Sayfullo Saipov entered the US. On one side where people were praying for the affected ones, another filled up social media with his tweets for shifting blames. In addition to this, he also had an extremely radical viewpoint to the attacks that happened in Las Vegas some time back.

The morning after the Las Vegas firing happened, killing 58 people Trump was shifting blames on Gun control laws. That’s it what we hear most of the times, blames. What happens after moving of blames? The answer is nothing. Is there any action taken to increase protection against terrorist attacks, the answer is no. People get injured and killed in such attacks, providing some relief and shifting blames on different people in the administration is not going to help. The attacks that happened in New York this time was the deadliest after 2001, September 11 attacks.

It came as a sheer shock to everybody, and later they hear it all from President Trump that demoralizes people even more. The fastest reaction that occurs from the presidency these days is tweeted. After Trump’s election, the proposed budget for Urban area security is $448m which is way less than what it was before $605m. This only shows a humongous amount of disrespect for the People of America. The president is taking steps to cut down the anti-terrorism funding to nonprofit security grant program. It looks after terror protection of schools, stadiums, museum and other community centers. Let us just hope that the welfare of the people of America is not put on a stake because everybody’s life is equally valuable.

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Researchers have recently reported that Poliovirus can also kill cancer cells or at least stop the growth of the tumor. The research happened in Durham’s Duke University. The team that proved the findings was led by Dr. Matthias Gromeier, Neurosurgery professor and Prof. Smita Nair an immunologist from the department of surgery. The research shows that a modified polio virus helps the body to develop its own resources to kick off cancer. It is pretty revolutionary as the new form of the poliovirus has been under research in clinics since 2011. It has not shown any significant side effects for the patient.

The clinical trials recently got concluded with these fantastic findings. The new variant is known by the name recombinant oncolytic poliovirus. Researchers are still on their way to fully understand the functioning of revised poliovirus form. It cannot be circulated independently until the working methodology is proved. Once it gets fully confirmed it will be a huge gift to humanity as cancer is one of the top reasons for deaths today. The rationale was explained by the team leads as to improve the survival condition of the cancer patients. The new immune response of the patient due to this drug will help cure cancer to a great extent. In some cases, it might allow total recovery.

The new polio virus works by inhibiting re-growth of the tumor and attacking the current one. Scientists observed the effect of poliovirus on two kinds of cancer cells a triple negative breast cancer and melanoma. It showed that the polio virus works by attaching itself to the cancer cells. Since the cancer cells have CD155 protein, it tends to be receptive to the polio virus. In this way, the poliovirus starts attacking the cancer cell triggering the release of antigens from the tumor cells. The process is a lot more detail to understand. However, the concept does give us hopes for the future to treat cancer patients.

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In a recent interview, the Oscar award-winning actress Emma Stone stated that she had to undergo psychotherapy for her anxiety issues when she was merely seven years old. The confident and beautiful actress who makes everyone go awestruck at her personality revealed that she has some anxiety issues even at present, but they are not severe. The impact of active psychotherapy on the life of the La La Land actress is pretty evident. She also said that her career in acting had helped her in battling her panic attacks. She made the revelations as stated above on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Emma Stone not only faced her fears and defeated them but also became an inspiration for millions across the world.

Her revelations also emphasize that anxiety issues and panic attacks amongst youngsters are pretty common nowadays. But it is evident that the right treatment can make things relatively more straightforward. Emma Stone who is only 28 years of age also spoke about the role of sketching and drawing in her fight with anxiety issues. Her upcoming film Battle of Sexes should garner her, even more, fame and admiration in the times to come. In the recent times, Emma has been busy promoting her movie which is based on the tennis rivalry between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.

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